2N Access Commander Block of 25 2N User Licenses T


The 2N® Access Commander - 25 User License for add on 2N Access Products or Intercoms for access control events and full management of all 2N IP Helios Intercoms and IP Access Control Products.  It is virtualised so must reside on a virtual server.

This application is an invaluable aid in creating more complex access control systems and at the same time, it allows you to back-up all the 2N IP access control devices including 2N SIP intercom settings and copy settings between entry units. Another surperb advantage of the 2N®Helios IP Manager is the ability to enable you to adjust display settings for 2N® Helios IP Vario models that are equipped with a display. You can run the 2N® Helios IP Commander from any PC or laptop, remotely accessing the virtual server via a secure link on a web browser so you can remotely adjust network settings from any location.

Any combination of 5 and 25 user licenses can be added at any time.  Liv=cense are a one off cost and apply to all 2N IP end points with Access Control Capability.

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