Wiegand Interface PCB for Access Control (Unique)

This is not your normal standard, run of the mill Wiegand interface.  It is much,much more.


  • SSW-CBW26W26 output
  • Factory Programmable Site Code
  • Optional control Relay Output
  • Audio Input (unique)
  • Audio Output (unique)
  • Telephone Line Interface Option (unique)
  • Clean Contact Input (unique)
  • Matrix Keypad input
  • Integrate in to Paxton or other 3rd Party Access Controllers via W26
  • DTMF to Wiegand 26 (W26) conversion (Unique)
  • Event acknowledgement tones
  • Time out on incomplete commands
  • Time out on incorrect command entry
  • Incorrect entry tone
  • Dial up remotely and as long as an answering unit of sorts is connected the unit monitors the line for commands you send it via telephone or cellphone.
  • Event Recording via Access Control Systems of any action request
  • Can work on telephone lines or an audio feed.
  • Options:
    • Relay output to a specific event
    • Reset input
    • Remote answering unit (answers line after so many rings)
    • Automatic Email response of completed request via some AC Systems
    • Site Code (factory set)
    • Custom configurations available


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