Android Widget with My2N

Multiple intercoms and door locks can be controlled using a single 2N® Mobile Video application. The customer sets which door they want to open in a simple widget, and then instead of the time-consuming search for keys, all they need to do is tap a button on their phone’s screen. The double widget also adds a button to the home screen with a phone icon. Customers can use this to call a specific intercom and view a feed from its camera. This is an easy way to check whether a free parking space is available outside the building.

Clever, isn’t it? Here's how instructions to get it working:

1) Hold down an empty space on the phone’s home screen. 
2) Select Widgets.
3) Select the specific widget. If several options are offered, choose the specific one you need.
4) Grab the widget, and the phone home screen will be displayed.
5) Drag the widget to where you want it, then take your finger off it.

Now what about those with iPhones 2N® Mobile Video App and My2N.

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