Apartments, Gated Communities & Multi-Tenanted Buildings:-

2N offer a solution for access control and door communications:-Verso_Touch

The 2N® Helios IP Verso with interactive user friendly display.

Using the 2N Helios IP Doorphones / Intercoms all tenants can receive communications whether they have a telephone or not.  Option of Audio/Video or Audio only.

Use internal building or in ground cabling or go via external service provider.  We can set up the whole solution including provisioning of the external service provider in the clouds.  

  • Audio and Video options available
  • Standard or HD Camera depending upon model used
  • Call mobile smartphone or tablet via internet and 2N Mobile service
  • Logo per Company or Picture per Tenant
  • Scrolling, Multi-Level Display
  • PIN Code Entry
  • Full Lift Level Control
  • Home Automation Interfacing
  • Call your SIP Video end point
  • Call your home number
  • Call your cellphone
  • Call your Office 
  • Divert to Security after hours
  • and much more

Note: Feature above will vary with models please ask which model is the best suited to the the application intended. Also ask about our multi-tenant world wide video calling solution (wherever good WiFi nternet or celluar data is available) using the 2N Mobile App.


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