Access Tracking and Location Reporting

Are you having problems with Company assets going missing or whereabouts unknown, then we have the solution.  Interfacing driectly with many access control systems we can track anything within a buidling or around campus or industrial site.

One of the biggest problems with assets is knowing where they are or if they go out any exit point without authorisation wanting to bring up an alarm, pan and zoom cameras to the location, log the event, record the tracking path of where it has been and more.

Assets can be anything from small handheld devices through to hospital beds, medical pumps, wheel chairs, computers, display screens, test equipment, tools, vehicles, laundry, documents.  Even who has loaned a pool car and when it returns.

People tracking can also easily be achieved.  Staff, Patients, Babies, Visitors, Contractors along with their vehicles.

Can be integrated with emergency alert pendants worn by the user to signal assistance or emergency help is required within and building. GSM GPS can also be added for external use.  Many of these are currently supplied to our dealer channels for use in many critical applications such as Embassy staff etc.

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