Public Address Systems

2N IP NetSpeaker Loudspeaker Flush Mounted


The 2N® NetSpeaker is an IP audio system that transforms your PC into a centralised broadcasting system. It enables acoustic communication or other audio streams to be easily played from any given PC in a LAN/WAN network. To have audio transmission over your IP network all you do is connect a standard speaker or amplifier to the 2N® NetSpeaker, this then creates a virtual centralised broadcasting system.

This then allows for any audio to be played in to separately created personalised zones each with different audio content. This solution is ideal for schools, office buildings, shopping centres, at train platforms, in athletic venues, cultural or health facilities and in many other public spaces.

The TCP/IP link between IP technology and an IP protocol enables voice announcements to be sent to all devices within the system. Then one can select any individual zone or a specific device to call to. With the added external microphone and button, any end station can call up to three pre-defined numbers. Then it is possible to control an external switch from any of these workplaces with any particular functions based on the needs of the given operation.


  • Effective dissemination of advertisements
  • Option of creating separate zones
  • Central management
  • Use of existing LAN/WAN network
  • Fast and simple installation
  • High level of reliability
  • Easy and user-friendly operation

The 2N® NetSpeaker Console provides simple controls, a clear display of the zones and the information on played soundtracks provides for very user-friendly audio playback. The system administrator can appreciate the option of setting the access user accounts and their individual user rights to the 2N® NetSpeaker Server. This can be installed either on its own server or together with the 2N® NetSpeaker Console application.

The existing LAN/WAN network infrastructure can be utilised for the 2N® NetSpeaker. This significantly reduces the time needed to implement the system and gives excellent savings on installation costs for cabling or the modification of 100V wiring.

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