Web Enabled 2 Relay Temperature Module 9 - 28Vdc


The X-DAQ-2R1-4T-E Temperature Monitoring Module provides a superbly accurate way to remotely monitor temperatures over any IP network. It is used for environmental temperature monitoring and some simple control finctions. Up to 4 temperature sensors can be connected to it and with its 2 internal relays which can be independently controlled they can control devices such as alarm signals, heaters, fans, etc.

The module allows for remote temperature monitoring and remote relay control via a standard web browser. Additionally via PLCs, computers and many automation controllers which are able to communicate with the Temperature Module using Modbus/TCP. or XML formatted text.

The unit can also be configured to the trigger local or remote relays ControlByWeb™ or even send email messages when a defined temperature is reached. 

Again like all other ControlByWeb products this Module can be fully configured in minutes using a web browser. There is no need for a monthly subscription, and no additional software is required.

Also see the new X-300 Advanced Temperature Module for even more features.

Code: X-DAQ-2R1-4T-I Enquire