Web-Enabled 1-Wire Bus Module 64 Temp-Ch 9-28Vdc


The X-406-I and the X-406-E each offer four 1-Wire buses for up to 64 sensors, and a built-in web-server.

A Simple Solution for Large-Scale Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

The X-406-E is a fully-featured, web-enabled temperature and humidity monitoring and reporting module with four, independent 1-Wire Buses.

  • Each of the 1-Wire Bus inputs supports up to 16 sensors, for a total of up to 64 sensors.
  • There is no software required, no programming necessary, and no subscription to buy.
  • Simply web browse or use the app over WiFi or via the Cloud
  • The X-406-E requires PoE and/or 9 to 28Vdc
  • The X-406-I is the same except only operates on 9 to 28Vdc
  • See X-406-E for Features and Applications

Code: X-406-I Enquire