Web-Enabled Temp and Humidity Module 16Ch 9-28Vdc


The CBW X-405-I is a rock solid IIoT drop-in temperature and/or humidity monitoring solution for server rooms, greenhouses, chillers and many other applications.  Offers a reliable hard wired solution with logging customised email/txt alerts and easy to configure and monitor via a web enabled interface.

  • It is a fully-featured, web-enabled temperature and humidity module that targets industrial applications
  • Monitor and log up to 16 sensors.
  • No software required, no programming necessary, and no subscription to buy

Built-In Web Server

The X-405-I has a built-in web server so it can be set up, controlled, and monitored using a standard web browser or simply by using the CBW Mobile smartphone app.


See X-405-E


  • X-405-I only works on 9 to 28Vdc
  • X-405-E works on 9 to 28Vdc and/or PoE

Code: X-405-I Enquire