WebRelay Dual 2Relays 2In 3-11Vin


The ControlByWeb X-301 series III WebRelay-Dual™ is the third exciting module in the X-301 range. A very advanced unit in the series. It is very robust, fully-featured, web-enabled, mini Ethernet I/O module with two 3-Amp relays and two optically-isolated digital inputs. See X-301-24I for more detail.

Model Relay Outputs Contact Rating OptoInputs  Input Range  Real Time Clock  Power Supply
X-301-E 2 (SPDT) 3Amp  28Vac 24Vdc  Max 2 4 to 12Vdc Yes PoE or 5Vdc
X-301-I 2 (SPDT) 3Amp  28Vac 24Vdc  Max 2 4 to 12Vdc Yes 9 to 28Vdc
X-301-24I 2 (SPDT) 3Amp  28Vac 24Vdc  Max 2 11 to 28Vdc Yes 9 to 28Vdc


Code: X-301-I Enquire