2N PSTN-PABX Intercoms

2N Safety - 1 Button PSTN/PABX


The 2N® Helios Safety offers superb visible Help in the event of a Crisis. The bright orange 2N® Helios Safety analogue intercom not only secures many entrances to buildings, but also provides half duplex two-way communication during the event.

By using an analogue telephone line it is easy to install and set up. Its distinct orange colour and blue backlit buttons will guarantee easy visibility allowing everyone to find it easily when the need arises and can call for help simply by pressing the button. In addition, it has the highest class of environmental cover with IP65 grade resistance to water, dust and mechanical damage.

Some Product highlights: The 2N® Helios Safety emergency intercom is the optimum analogue solution in many applications such as to call for assistance on a production line in heavy industry or in reduced visibility in the foundry, for evacuation points, such as on railway platforms or in government building, campuses etc.

Installation of the compact 2N® Helios Safety emergency intercom is connected to an analogue port of a PABX, a GSM gateway or via the public telephone network (PSTN), and then it can be used immediately. You can then easily integrate the communicator into the company’s telephone system and set up any additional operations in the intercom remotely via a telephone with the help of the voice menu. Additionally, the robust SOS telephone is equipped with a microphone and 1W speaker. The 2N® Helios Safety analogue intercom anti-vandal design allows it to be used in places where there is a need for emergency callsor there is reduced visibility. The ideal solution for both outdoor and indoor environments, with its robust construction enabling the intercom to be fitted into walls and plasterboard, or simply fixed to the wall surface.

Top quality environmental IP65 standard Very durable anti-vandal design Distinctive orange colour Emergency button is backlit Two-wire analogue connection to PBX/GSM/PSTN Remote administration via telephone Universal switched output


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