2N IP Audio Systems

2N SIP Speaker - Loudspeaker Wall Mounted


The 2N® Surface Mount SIP Speaker is far more than just IP paging in fact it is an IP paging device with many useful functions. It can be used at schools, offices, in the workplace, and other public areas.

With its internal loudspeaker it can be used as a simple PA system or with a microphone as a two-way intercom. It offers the link between IP technology and an VoIP SIP protocol and it enables announcements to be sent to all devices in the system, allowing the authorised user to select individual zones or call one specific device. With an external microphone, an associated button, plus an end station can call up to three pre-selected numbers. It is also possible to control one external switch from any of these workplaces with the function based on the needs of the end user.


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