The Ethernet I/O Experts

 Connect any device... and then monitor & control over the web

Our Ethernet I/O products are extremely reliable for web control and monitoring of electrical devices and hence ideal for critical situations.  ControlByWeb feature a huge variety of I/O products, including the original WebRelay™ with one digital input and one relay output that they developed way back in 2005. Since then, they have been manufacturing top-of-the-line products for industrial automation, data collection, and monitoring.

Many of their products have included an array of inputs and outputs such as relays, digital inputs, analog inputs, even a 1-Wire bus for monitoring temperature & humidity, etc. these can be used with their built-in software to remote control and monitor electrical devices such as field sensors, pumps etc. Most of their I/O products support email notifications, scheduling, logging, BASIC interpreter, communication with a variety of protocols (Modbus, SMNP, SMTP, etc.), and many other features.

All their ControlByWeb™ products have built-in web servers which enables them to be setup, monitored, and controlled by simply using a web browser. In addition, their products can be monitored and controlled by using custom computer applications as well as our CBW Mobile app for all smart phones and tablets. Sample scripts are available showing how this can be achieved.

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