2N(R) IP - VoIP SIP Public Address Systems



2N is a leading the way:-
They're transforming a PC into a central broadcasting system


The 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system enables audio streams or other acoustic communication to be played from any given PC in a LAN/WAN network. Hnece for audio transmission over IP all you need to do is connect a standard speaker or an additional amplifier to the 2N® NetSpeaker, creating a virtual central broadcasting system. This allows for any audio files or source to be played with the options to create up to 1,000 separate zones to 10,000 netspeakers with different communication content. Applications for this solution is found, for example, in schools, shopping centres, office buildings, at rail platforms and buidlings, in athletic, cultural or health facilities and in many other public spaces.


IP65 and IP69 Speakers are available for those extreme outdoor situations.

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