2N® IP - VoIP SIP / Analogue Intercoms and Doorphones




2N is a leading supplier of SIP VoIP and Analogue Doorphones and Intercoms. Their products are both SIP and HTTP based. They can be accessed via either computer devices or telephony devices on the IP or analogue networks depending upon network infrastructure.


 2N IP Products include SIP Video phone, SIP video door phone, SIP emergency phone. All products that are SIP based can communicate with each other whether wire or WiFi. Sophisticated management tools are also available with group administration. 2N work in partnership with System Integrators and service provider customers alike. Collaborating with their partners to support local services in implementation and market penetration. 2N provides user friendly features and interfaces to enable ease of use with ITSP and ISP users.  With the added opptions of ONVIF and RSTP streaming video and more they are very sought after units.

For example: The IP Force units are rated IP65+ and IK10 which makes them ideal for those extreme outdoor situations.


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