New product announcement:-

We have new Industrial Telephones now arriving....  Analogue only at this stage but ideal for industrial gate entry communications.

The Poseidon units come available in two options




Keypad Vesion No Keypad Version
The following Features apply to both unless otherwise stated.
  • Indicating and loud ringer unit
  • handset with 95cm armoured cord
  • IP65 / NEMA 4X Water and Dust ingress
  • IK10 Vandel resistant
  • DSP - Digital Signal Processor
  • AGC - Automatic Gain Control
  • ANC - Automatic Noise Control
  • HAC - Hear Aid Compatible
  • Wide temperature range -40 to +70deg C
  • Sound Level 90dB @ 750mm
  • Compatible 24V to 60V analogue lines
  • 5mm Aluminum casing
  • Magnetic Hook-Switch
  • Red LED Call Light
  • Silver Brail Keypad with Kirsite coating
  • White LED keypad light (Keypad Version)
  • Non-volatile electronic memory
  • Advanced supervision functions


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