New - The 2N® Indoor Touch Model with WiFi Support

The main benefit of the newly released WiFi 2N® Indoor Touch variant is that no ethernet cable is required to connect the communicator to the local network. This avoids the need for the additional installation of the data network and additional building works. The 2N® Indoor Touch panel can easily be commissioned and connected to the network in a short space of time.

This new model of the Indoor Touch Screen offers the user all the same functionality as before. Including, HD audio with all the 2N IP intercoms, a high resolution display with standby mode, a “Do Not Disturb” (DND) setting, and ‘missed calls’ function. You have the option to use a power adapter or a hidden wiring power source. This is particularly suitable for installing the 2N® Indoor Touch with Wi-Fi in places where PoE is unavailable.2N_TouchWiFi

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