2N IP Intercoms - FAQ

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Do I need a gateway in a peer to peer situation?

In a peer to peer scenario with third party devices the 2N Helios IP Intercom system needs a common connection point so as they are able to clearly find each other via the common gateway or router. It is not essential to have the gateway connected to the internet.  This is typical in IP phone based systems.

How do I do video screen pops?

Download the free Helios IP Eye app from 2N to any PC and it allows video monitoring of all local intercoms with cameras plus a screen pop on incoming call. The screen pop IP address is set up for each called user number in the 2N Intercom Directory.

Do I need a license?

In many applications where integration is required a License becomes a necessity.  These licenses are a one of cost for the life of the 2N Intercom
Recommend that you download License details from here.  helios-ip-licencing-fw-2.11.0 (677K)  or
Model Differences and Function Licensing - Helios IP Configuration manual

For ONVIF-S Video to an NVR?

Yes, Enhanced Video License is required

For control scripting writing in the intercom?

Yes, Enhanced Integration License is required

For Audio Testing and personalised Audio Files?

Yes, Enhanced Audio License is required

What about Ceritification to the Network for network device protection?

Yes, Enhanced Security License is required.

OK. A SIP License?

No not on the Intercom it is already SIP Audio and Video compliant with the appropriate CODECS.  However, if running through a SIP Server the SIP Server may need a SIP License per extension used.
2N Touch Screens

Losing connection with the SIP or Cloud Based Server.....  Resolve.

In this case it is possible that "randomization of SIP port" is active in Indoor Touch configuration.
Please go to onscreen menu - IP Mobile icon - Settings - Settings and find here "randomization of SIP port" and disable it.
After that port 5060 will be available.

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