2N® IP Intercoms Why some features are licensed?


Because 2N® did not want every single customer that purchase their intercoms to pay for all the advanced features that are offered. They believe that most applications are covered with the standard level, so the users need not pay for features that they do not use.


Feature / LicenseStandard
(No License

SIP 2.0 Y . . . . .
9999 users (Maximum)
depending upon model
Y . . . . .
20 Time Profiles (Maximum) Y . . . . .
10 Global Codes (Maximum) Y . . . . .
Substitute Function Y . . . . .
User Sounds . Y . . . Y
Audio Loop Test . Y . . . Y
Audio&Video Streaming
(RTSP Server)
. . Y . . Y
ONVIF Support . . Y . . Y
External Camera Support . . Y . . Y
Automation Features
(IP Automation)
. . . Y . Y
Extended Lock Control . . . Y . Y
Activation By Call . . . Y . Y
Activation by Quick Dial . . . Y . Y
Switch Time Profile . . . Y . Y
HTTP Switch Control
. . . Y . Y
Picture to Email
(SMTP Client)
. . . Y . Y
Auto Provisioning
(TFTP Client)
. . . Y . Y
802.1x Support . . . . Y Y
SIPs . . . . Y Y
G.729 Audio Codec Y . . . . .

Which intercom models do support licensing?

2N® IP Verso, Vario, Force, Safety, Base and Video Kit support this licensing scheme in full. User only needs to observe which licenses really make sense for their application

2N® Helios IP Vario with display already comes with pre-loaded Gold license.

2N® Helios IP Uni does not support licensed features at all.

2N® Helios IP Audio Kit does support all licenses.

What other products do follow this scheme?

2N® SIP Speaker, which already comes with pre-loaded Gold license.

How do I get the license?

Licenses are generated by 2N according to particular serial number. After you decide which license you want, you need to get serial number of your unit and contact us, your NZ distributor and we will get the license key for you.

The license itself comes in form of a key, alphanumeric string, so it can be easily sent via email and copy and paste into the intecom.

Licenses are not limited in time. Once you have it, you have it for good.

In order to activate the license, you need to log in to web interface of the particular intercom, and then paste the license key into the field in Maintenance / Licence page. After Save the licensed features are immediately activated.

Can I have a demo license?

Yes, there is an option for 800 hours trial Gold license period, during which you can try the licensed features. In default this demo is disabled, you need to enable it in web interface of the particular intercom, in part Tools / Licence. There is a countdown timer showing remaining time, after which all licensed features are disabled again.  We recommend only starting this once installed at customers site as it cannot be reset once started.

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